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Rolex Watch VS Cartier Watch

28 Jun 2024 0 Comments
Rolex Watch VS Cartier Watch

If you are into luxury watches and say that you’ve never heard of Rolex and Cartier, you are bound to be viewed with skepticism as everyone knows these brands, whether or not they can afford them! Rolex and Cartier are premium watch brands that are synonymous for generations for their distinction, class, and aesthetic.

Owning one signifies many things to many people and they are a status symbol like no other for watch aficionados.

Maybe you’re looking to buy one of these expensive watches. Choosing which brand to use could be challenging for you as there are so many to select from, each bringing something unique to the table that is worth researching depending on your particular interests.

Perhaps you want to know which brand is the best. Again, this lies in the eyes of the beholder and is up to a spirited debate. In this post, we will compare Rolex vs. Cartier to find which one stands out as having the finest qualities. But first, let’s start with a background check and history of both the watchmakers.

HISTORY OF Diamond ROLEX watch

Theoretically, the history of Rolex started in 1905, when creator Hans Wilsdorf founded a London business focused on the distribution of watches. 

To understand the complete narrative, though, you must go back to 1903, when the businessman born in Germany first packed up and traveled over the pond with nothing but a dream in mind. This dream, as well documented, became a reality in quick succession.

Approximately two years later, he and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis established the Wilsdorf and Davis business. Little did the couple realize that fame, money, and widespread praise awaited them just three years later. 

Wilsdorf experienced inspiration while traveling in one of London’s well-known double-decker buses.

Wilsdorf started sourcing the production of all Rolex timepieces from the legendary Maison Aegler in Bienne, Switzerland. Although the quality was excellent, Wilsdorf insisted that every component function flawlessly together.

He worked hard to achieve this goal and was the first wristwatch vendor to receive an officially validated Chronometric Certification in 1910.


Louis-Francois Cartier started Cartier in Paris after taking over his master’s factory. The first Cartier store was opened in 1859, despite the significant insecurity and uncertainty caused by the unfolding French Revolution. Cartier continued to prosper and flourish over the following ten years. Alfred Cartier, the son of Louis-Francois Cartier, took control of the firm in 1874. Alfred had far better business sense and aspirations of swiftly expanding the company than his father.

Alfred played a crucial role in exposing Cartier to the royal families of Europe and beyond; King Edward VII was a particular fan of Cartier creations

This was a pivotal move that shaped the success of the company for generations to come.

Although Alfred successfully made Cartier the preferred choice of the French aristocracy, his sons Louis, Pierre, and Jacques would make the Cartier watch name well-known worldwide. Eventually, the Cartier brothers developed the regionally acclaimed brand into global fame that is still around more than 150 years later through a range of fortunate international exposure, wise strategic choices, and sound marriage alliances.

From its establishment in 1847 until 1964, Cartier remained a family-owned business. Even though it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group, its main office is still in Paris.


Almost everyone is familiar with the Rolex name, and compared to the Cartier brand name, it unquestionably carries greater weight. Just consider how frequently you hear the names “Rolex” and “Cartier” compared to one another.

Since the beginning, Rolex has been at the forefront of watch innovation. For example, Rolex was the first watch company to produce fully water-resistant watches and timepieces with an automated date change. This was a game-changer in the industry and forced any watch brand interested in maintaining a certain cache to follow suit or fall by the wayside in terms of what is considered a top-tier brand.

In addition, Rolex watches are among the most accurate on the market in terms of accuracy. On the other hand, Cartier was first created for pilots but has now become linked with the royal and the wealthy. In today world, both these other brands are considered to be for the elite class. Whether you wear one or the other, what no one mistakes is that they are both signature brands of the elite and wealthy.


According to the above arguments and, we are sure, your personal experience, Rolex certainly enjoys a vastly more significant level of brand awareness than Cartier. Indeed, they are both well-known premium timepieces, but Rolex is the undisputed leader in the luxury watch industry.


Both Rolex and Cartier produce manual and quartz analog timepieces. Both of these manufacturers provide luxury timepieces built in Switzerland using premium components. Although they also offer gold and platinum casings, Rolex and Cartier’s watches tend to have stainless steel cases in most cases.

But because Rolex uses a kind of stainless steel known as 904L stainless steel, its stainless steel casings stand out. This kind is more resistant to corrosion than others. Both brands, however, also feature sapphire crystal dial windows.

The water resistance is the component which comes next. Although the versions from each company will differ, they all have a typical water resistance of roughly 100 meters. Nevertheless, Rolex does offer versions with a maximum water resistance of 1220 meters.


Cartier watches are often more affordable than Rolex watches in terms of price. Cartier would be the preferable choice to consider first if you are starting in the luxury watch market, even though they are by no means inexpensive.

Many consumers that are just beginning their journey into the luxury watch game may choose one over the other and refuse to change their minds on which one should be the first to add to their coterie, but for those that are strictly going by price, then the Rolex brand offers more affordable options.

On the other hand and a fact that should not be forgotten or overlooked – Rolex has a higher resale value. Therefore, a Rolex can be a better choice if you don’t want to keep your fancy watch forever because you’ll receive more cash back if you decide to sell it.



The Rolex was initially made public in the late 1980s. It was the first two-tone Datejust 36mm watch to have a sapphire crystal. The Date just, the most remarkable men’s Rolex watch, was the final 36mm model to provide the collection’s traditional case quality and dimensions before Rolex redesigned the Datejust to include thicker lugs with an entirely perfect look.

The Rolex Datejust 16, less flashy than its six-digit predecessor, has recently become popular because it combines traditional style with contemporary worry-free comforts like scratch-resistant sapphire glass and the dependable Caliber 3135 movement.


Rolex launched this masterpiece back in 2016, and it took the whole luxury watches market by storm. The Daytona, made of stainless steel and features a black Cibachrome bezel, has been entirely out of stock at shops worldwide for over six years and continues to be one of the most well-liked Rolex models, both on the secondary market and at retail.

The Rolex Daytona is available with a black or white dial, and the white variants are frequently the most popular with consumers today. Nevertheless, each has multi-year store queues, which may be found for more than their selling value on the used watch market.
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