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7 Affordable Gemstone Halo Earrings

03 Jul 2024 0 Comments
8 Affordable Gemstone Halo Earrings

We all love diamond studs, but we can’t deny that Gemstone Halo Earrings are taking over diamond studs trend. The options for gemstone earrings are endless. Blue sapphires, ruby, emerald, morganite, aquamarine gemstone designs are just a few out of our gemstone earrings collection which are stealing away traction from diamond studs.

Furthermore, whether you’re inclined to have your favorite color or your birthstone in earrings, your selection is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Looking for something unconventional? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite gemstone halo earrings ranging from blue sapphire gemstone earrings to tanzanite gemstone earrings.

1. Oval Shape Blue Sapphire & Diamond Halo Earrings

This blue sapphire Gemstone halo earrings are the perfect blend of artistic design and sophistication. This unique piece displays blue sapphire in the center surrounded by diamond halos for double sparkle.

2. Princess Cut Gemstone Earrings

This pair of gemstone halo earrings displays the green gem in the center surrounded by smaller Princess cut in halo setting. Looking to get a celeb look without the celeb-status price tag?

3. Oval cut Blue Sapphire Single Halo jewelery

Try these oval cut gemstone earrings for a unique look. With blue sapphire in the center and halo diamonds surrounding in a non-conventional setting make these earrings so unique.

4. Round cut Aquamarine Single Halo ring

Aquamarine in the center gives off an unmatched look while the diamonds in Round cut setting triple the sparkle. It’s perfect if you want something with a modern look. Customize in different precious metals to match your style and outfit.

5. Emerald Cut Aquamarine Single Halo Pendent 

When opting for earrings that defines your style or have your birthstone incorporated, you definitely want a design that stands out. These aquamarine emerald shape gemstone halo earrings is certainly a fit if you love anything but classic.

6. Round Shape Ruby Gemstone Earrings

Round shape has been a popular choice in Gemstone earrings collection. This round shape ruby gemstone earrings makes a great choice for any occasion, look even better when set in white gold.

7. Emerald Gemstone Cluster Drop Earrings

Set with emerald and diamonds, this 18K white gold earrings are handcrafted to offer luxury look and ultimate comfort to match any outfit and fit any occasion.

Got inspired with our gemstone halo earrings collection, Let us know which one of the above is your favorite in comments below? From diamond studs to gemstone earrings, our collection of diamond earrings are designed to match your style and budget, explore our collection of diamond earrings now you can purchase a jewelen!

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